The rugged Salmon River owes its notoriety to the introduction of 2 Pacific Salmon species, Chinook (or King) salmon and Coho (or Silver) salmon. Along with the Kings and Silvers, there is also a run of Atlantic salmon, Steelhead, and Brown trout. All these species are highly sought after during most of the Fall, Winter, and Spring.

Atlantics were the native species about 100 years ago. However, just within my lifetime there was an influx of invasive bait fish that fouled up the shoreline. Since Atlantics were in short supply and were dwindling in numbers. Pacific salmon were introduced to eradicate the invasive bait fish problem. So with that, we now have a trophy fishery on the Salmon river.

Our guiding season starts in mid September and ends about mid May. However, there is still good fishing all year long for Smallmouth Bass, Summer Steelhead, and the occasional Atlantic Salmon.

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